Examples of applications

Clear and flexible

Content Management System

The panomaker CMS is designed to fill virtual tours with content.

Make your virtual tour fast and effective and experience how easy it is to optimize your tours. Working together with other authors has never been so pleasant.

Panoramas and other media

Media management

Manage different types of panoramas centrally from the panomaker CMS. Annoying conversion to different image formats is a thing of the past.

You can also use the media manager to organize all the other media in your tour, such as videos, audio files, etc.

Device neutral in the browser

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality or VR for short, is the name of the 3D representation made possible with special VR glasses. The viewer has the feeling that they are standing in the middle of the room. The panomaker CMS masters this functionality - so you can make your tour even more interactive.

Modern presentation of products

Extension for online shops

To complement your existing web shop, you can use virtual theme worlds to make your customers' online shopping experience even more attractive, dynamic and interactive. The shopping experience of the real world is transported to your online shop.

A virtual theme world or a 360 degree motif with the product can encourage the customer in his decision.

Helpful and evaluable

Marketing tool

The panomaker CMS is as individual as you are. With customizable design templates, you can display your virtual tour in the best light.

Through the use of interactive elements, you can include users in the tour and create a magical world of experience.