Use offline tours, screen synchronization between multiple browsers, and automatic uploads to customer servers

For iOS, Android, Windows and macOS

Use tours offline

At fairs, during presentations or on the road, unfortunately, one can not expect to always find a good power supply. Therefore, it is not sufficient for the majority of our customers that a tour is available as an online medium.

The panomaker app (for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS) allows you to easily load a tour on a smartphone or a computer. Enter the download key, start the download and enjoy.

Also for use at trade shows

Screen synchronization between multiple browsers

With screen synchronization, web conferencing can take place within a virtual tour. The number of participants is open at the top.

Use this opportunity also at trade fairs or to fine-tune the construction of tours quickly and smoothly.

Available from Q2/2019.

FTP, SFTP or Amazon S3

Automatic uploads to customer servers

The automatic upload makes it possible to copy your tour directly to an FTP, SFTP or Amazon S3 account.

After the upload has been carried out by our system, you will receive an e-mail from the system.

Web Push and Native App

Push notification

Push notifications are notifications that appear on the user's device without opening the app.

So it is possible that your tour - such as a messenger app - sends notifications to the screen or notification bars. The tour does not have to be open. This way, your users will not miss important events or messages.

Available from Q2/2019.