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Learn know the panomaker platform wordks and discuss your individual requirements

Efficient tour management

The panomaker CMS allows a very efficient and clear creation and management of tours. Learn how to map your project structure with panomaker.

Individual requirement profile

Each team has different requirements in the processing of virtual tours. See how flexibly panomaker adapts to your individual requirements profile.

Smart building of tour

The variety of ways to personalize tours is important to us. And we did not forget that things had to be done quickly. Learn how fast you can make a tour.

Migrate existing tours

The panomaker platform has already convinced many photographers and agencies. We are happy to assist in the migration of legacy systems to the panomaker platform. Learn what options are available when switching.

Analytics and Reporting

Our statistics help you to learn more about your visitors and their behavior during your tour. See what metrics are provided to you by the panomaker CMS.

Use in agency business

The panomaker platform is a complete solution for creating virtual tours. See the benefits of the panomaker platform in agency deployment.