Pictures and media

Panoramicimages and videos

A virtual tour consists of pictures first of all. It gets really exciting, however, when videos, music and other content merge into an individual experience. We make sure you keep overview of your media.

Spherical panoramas
The panomaker CMS supports panoramic images with Equirectangular projection. Thus, you can use all types of DSLR & 360 ° cameras.

Interactive 360 ° Videos
Nothing comes as close to reality as videos in 360 degrees. Our platform supports this feature for 360 degree videos up to a resolution of 4k.

All media in view

Media Management

The integrated media management guarantees you a full overview of the content integrated in the respective tour at all times.

An intelligent search and keywording support you in this.

You can access the contents of the media management within the panomaker CMS. In addition, these are also provided when used in offline mode.


Colors, fonts or your own CSS

Customize with colors and fonts
You can flexibly adapt our design templates in terms of color. Our font management gives you access to up to 800 fonts (Google Web Fonts). Of course, we integrate all fonts GDPR-compliant and offline-capable.

Customization with CSS and JavaScript

You can add your own CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) codes. CSS lets you personalize the look and feel of your tours. Individual code can also be inserted via the code integration. More complex applications can be implemented without our technicians.


Intuitive drag-and-drop

Everything has its place in the sidebar
In the sidebar you can place all the elements that are necessary to inform your users, such as quick links or additional texts. The navigation also finds its place here.

Orientation via floor plans
Floor plans help your users to better orient themselves in the tours. This feature is very helpful, especially for large and complex projects.


Compatible with virtual reality headset

Present your tours not only on the screen, but also using VR headsets (such as Google Cardboard, Zeiss VR, Samsung Gear, Oculus Go, etc.). Your users can immerse themselves so deeply in the 360-degree experience.

Information & interaction

Different hotspots and info boxes

Explore with hotspots

Hotspots are linked navigation points within the panoramic images. They guide users from one location to the next with a click of the mouse. If you follow the hotspots, you can easily explore the tour step by step. The hotspots are also used for orientation.

Choose from interactive hotspot types

Various interactive hotspot types increase the time you spend and the user experience of your visitors. We offer a variety of different types, with which you can make your tours more dynamic and interesting.

You can also create your own hotspots using XML, CSS, and JS.

Targeted informed with info boxes

Info boxes are content elements that can be placed on the edges of the tour and can contain further information. The info boxes can be limited to selected image areas.

Access the system at any time

Work in a team

Access the system at any time
The panomaker CMS is browser-based. Thus, you can always make changes or extensions to your virtual tours.

Controlled release
You can also work with your team in parallel tours. You use approval levels to decide who can make updates or changes.

Safe sharing and integration of your tours

Hosting Service

With the panomaker CMS Hosting Service your virtual tour can be securely embedded (SSL protected) and quickly embedded in your web pages with just one click.

Your tours are delivered directly via our web server. We keep your tours technically, functionally and optically up to date.

We also take care of compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation.

Tours with activated hosting service can use additional functions such as password protection or time-controlled releases.

Preview, Export & Embed

Tour construction kit

Using the tour kit, you can subsequently adjust the exported tour and create deep links to individual viewpoints.

Share preview link
Preview links can be passed on to customers, friends, coworkers, etc., to complete the tour, for example. be checked in advance or discuss extensions together. These links have a fixed duration and expire automatically.

The export is a static snapshot of your virtual tour. It is self-sufficient and can run offline. All required content is included in the export.

Exceptions are content that our system does not have direct access to, such as videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

External exports
You can have the exports transferred directly to your personal FTP / SFTP account or Amazon S3. So you save yourself unnecessary work.

Everything on the way

Offline use

Our offline app allows you to take your virtual tours in your pocket. All downloaded tours through our "Let's Go" app are completely offline.

Upload themselves or order


Your customer doesn't have a current floor plan at hand? We can help you create uniform and professional floor plans.

Drawing service - We create floor plans for you
On request, we create high-resolution 2D floor plans with room names and dimensions. Furnished or unfurnished, as you wish.

You upload a blueprint, a sketch or a photo. You will receive your floor plan back within one working day.

Of course, you can also use the result for other purposes (brochures, flyers, websites, etc.).

Own content / tools

Galleries and Slideshows

Within the tours galleries and slideshows can be integrated.

In the slideshows, for example, the panoramas (panorama slideshow) can be selected and played back at random or via an ordered list. The result: flowing presentations that run harmoniously picture by picture. For the viewer this means: lean back, look at and enjoy.

Pixelate faces and license plates

For data protection reasons, it is often necessary to make faces of people or license plates unrecognizable. We offer a function that you can make in your tours subsequently selected areas in panoramas unrecognizable.


Analyze & Evaluate

The insights allow you to observe the statistics of your tour since the creation date. In this way you can evaluate the response your virtual tour receives.

Our statistics help you to learn more about your visitors and their behavior during your tour.

Use own tracking server

It is and remains your data. In order to stay true to this motto, it is possible to store your own tracking server (Matomo, formerly Piwik). So your data is even closer to you.

A valid API key is needed because the reporting is done through the API.

Compare and optimize visitor behavior
Compare different time periods with each other to show successes and weaknesses within your tours. Available from Q1 2020.


Constantly growing API

The panomaker API is a REST interface with which you can call up various information about your tours.

The API accepts JSON in requests and returns JSON content in all responses, including errors.

We are constantly expanding the API. In the current form, the API is mainly aimed at users who want to initiate automated processes with exports.

With the updates in Q1 / 2020, additional features will be added, including Enhance media (panorama pictures and videos) and create and edit hotspots.

Branding & White Label

Own name and corporate design

What does white label mean?

When using the white label solution, our platform appears in your name and with your corporate design.

Without technical understanding, it is not apparent to your users that this is the panomaker platform.

Redirect your own domain

If you have activated the white label feature, you can deposit your own domain. The link can be done in two ways.

A record or CNAME. It's your choice.

White Label feature & SSL certificate

If you use our white label function and your own domain, you can also book your own SSL certificate for this domain.

We offer the free Let's Encrypt certificates. The delivery of own SSL certificates is possible for a surcharge.

Push-Notification & Tour-Sync

Inform users across devices

Screen synchronization between browsers
With on-screen synchronization, web conferencing can take place within a virtual tour. The number of participants is open at the top.

Use this option at trade fairs or to quickly and smoothly fine-tune tour construction. Available from Q1 2020.

Inform users across devices (push notification)
A push notification is a message that is displayed on a user's screen even when the user is not interacting with the tour. The tour does not have to be open. This way your users won't miss any important events or messages. Available from Q1 2020.